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John at Western Star

Hello Everybody,
Welcome to my June and July Newsletter. After many months preparation my NEW CD is now available. For many years I have been asked if I have for purchase a souvenir of my concert performance. It is always difficult to obtain a good quality soundtrack recording of a live show that can compare to the best studio recordings. I have in my ‘archives’ many ‘live’ recordings of my concert performances but in my opinion they do not match the quality that can be obtained in the studio. If my memory serves me correctly even my ‘One Night Stand’ LP was the subject of some re-recording taking place in the studio to improve the quality for release. Many other LPs that were released in the 60’s as ‘live’ recordings have since been acknowledged to have been recorded in the studio with the audience applause being added to give them a ‘live’ effect. I did not want to release a ‘live’ concert CD that had been ‘altered’ to give a ‘live’ effect.
John Leyton and the Flames I would like to thank ‘The Flames’ for the excellent backing that they have supplied on the CD and Alan Wilson for the production.

John Leyton & The Flames.
Lone Rider Records
CD LRR JL 002.
£10.99 UK inc p/p
£11.99 Overseas in p/p

Recorded at Western Star Studios in the Autumn of 2008 and the Spring of 2009. The only exception being the ‘Bonus’ Track – ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’ which was recorded at the ‘Look For A Star’ recording sessions in 2006, but not released at that time. All tracks on John Leyton & The Flames’ form part of my concert set with The Flames. The CD fulfils my personal requirements of a really excellent quality CD that acts as a souvenir of my concert performance.

‘John, superbly backed by The Flames, sings the songs of the rocking, rolling greats in a quality recording of the great songs of the time – this CD should be added to your collection immediately’
Trevor Simpson, Author & Reviewer.
(Read the full review here)
‘John’s many fans will doubtless be delighted to find him on song – making an album that combines new versions of his greatest hits with renditions of other vintage favourites.’
Russell Newmark, Journalist & Reviewer.
‘ This brilliant new CD reflects John’s current concert set, backed by The Flames who are superb. John is in great form. A top class product and an essential purchase.’
Rob Bradford, Journalist & Reviewer.
The full track listing for ‘John Leyton & The Flames’ and ordering information is available on the website’s merchandise page.

Telstar – The Movie.
Telstar Nationwide release of this excellent film takes place on 19th June. The July issues of ‘Mojo’ and ‘Uncut’ magazines have articles on the film. ‘Uncut’ have made it their film of the Month. The July issue of ‘Record Collector’ magazine will feature an article on the film plus hopefully an exclusive interview by Rob Bradford with Simon Jordan and Nick Moran.
Universal Music is releasing the film’s soundtrack on CD.

New Gigs.
The Gig guide has been updated to include gigs on Saturday 5th September in Plymouth and Sunday 25th October in Lichfield.
I would like to pass on my personal thanks and those of The Flames to George in Holland and Thomas in Sweden and their helpers for the excellent hospitality that they provided for our recent concerts in both countries. It was also great to have Mike Berry appearing with us on Saturday 23rd May after his recent operation.

Dell Richardson.
Seaside Swingers Appearing on Dell’s Good Rockin’ Tonight Show on Radio Caroline on Tuesday 16th June are Rob Bradford and Ken Ledran (Joe Meek Society) and on Tuesday 30th June Grazina Frame. Grazina made some excellent records in the 60’s with my then Musical Director and good friend Charles Blackwell and also appeared with me in ‘Every Day’s A Holiday’. Dell will also be previewing tracks from my new CD on his show on Tuesday 16th June.
Sky Channel 0199.

A very special event.
Saturday 10th April 2010.
Amersham Rock ‘n’ Roll Club.
An evening remembering the great sounds of legendary producer Joe Meek and Rock ‘n’ Roll.
John Leyton. Mike Berry. From the USA, The Legendary Charlie Gracie. The Flames. Original Joe Meek Artistes:- The Saints and Bobby Rio Plus The Triumphs.
M/C Robb Shenton.
As the seating capacity of this excellent club is limited to 250 we expect that tickets will sell very quickly. Ticket priced at £13.50 will go on sale on Thursday 19th June so best place your orders early to avoid disappointment. Ticket details

Always yours.

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