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Iris BartleIn December 1962 John appeared on the BBC’s ‘Juke Box Jury’. In the audience was a young lady, named Iris Bartle, then aged aged 16 who was the winner in a competition organized by ‘Trio’ magazine. We are delighted that Iris has shared her memories of that ‘special’ evening with us and sent the photograph.

Iris’s prize was not only a trip to the BBC TV Studios to see John on ‘Juke Box Jury’ but to join the editor of the magazine, John and Robert Stigwood for an evening at The Talk of the Town. Then one of London’s most prestigious night spots.

As Iris recalls, her preparation for her evening included a visit to C&A for the purchase of a special dress, a visit to Barretts shoe shop for the purchase of a suitably impressive pair of the ‘highest heels’ she could safely wear and a visit to the local hair salon for a shampoo and set.

The special day arrives and Iris, from her then home in Honor Oak (South East London) is collected by taxi to take her to the ‘plush’ home of the editor of the magazine and thence to the BBC TV Studios. She watches John on ‘Juke Box Jury’ and then after being introduced to John along with John, Robert Stigwood and the editor of ‘Trio’ is whisked off in a taxi to The Talk of The Town. Iris also recalls that other celebrities including Lonnie Donegan, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Nancy Spain were also at the BBC TV Studios that evening.

As Iris recalls John was a real gentleman, always making sure that she really enjoyed her special evening. However Iris being only 16 made sure that she stuck to Coca Cola that evening and not the wine that was offered. After a sumptuous meal, which Iris tells us was steak, and a few ‘twists’ on the dance floor, it was show time with ‘The Beverley Sisters’ being the evening’s main attraction. After the show, and the playing of The National Anthem, Iris was invited backstage and had her picture taken with John. Met The Beverley Sisters, Billy Cotton and the then England football captain Billy Wright who was married to Babs of The Beverley Sisters.

Iris’s special evening ending with a trip back home in a taxi. Iris recalls her special day with great affection and we thank her for letting us share her memories.

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