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Peter Gibson

In October and November 1962 John and Adam Faith toured New Zealand along with Charles Blackwell and Adam’s then backing group The Roulettes. Whilst appearing and staying in Christchurch New Zealand they met and signed items for a young man who lived in Christchurch -Peter Gibson.

Peter has contacted us with his memories of that meeting and also recalling meetings with other major artistes who toured New Zealand. These included Roy Orbison, Del Shannon and Gene Pitney.

Peter came to work in the UK in 1966 and met his soon to be wife, Margaret in the UK in 1967 returning to New Zealand in 1968. Peter has a great love of British music of the 60’s and as the picture shows has a really large collection of vinyl records. Margaret tells us that this is only a small part of Peter’s collection!

Peter recalls meeting John in the United Services Hotel, now long since demolished, in Christchurch and getting John to sign his copy of ‘Johnny Remember Me’ and ‘Wild Wind’. ‘Johnny Remember Me’ becoming No.1 in the local hit parade. Peter also recalls that for some reason Wild Wind never got local radio airtime as radio in New Zealand was pretty conservative in those days and may have considered it a bit raucous!

John’s ‘Son This Is She’ and ‘Lone Rider’ were not released as singles but were on the John Leyton Hit Parade EP in New Zealand. ‘Lonely City’ was released as a single and was very popular. A local DJ, Des Brittan released his own version of ‘Son This Is She’. Peter still thinks that John’s tracks are great RGM productions and still enjoyable to listen to.

John recalls as does Peter that TV in New Zealand did not exist in those days and that outside of the main hotels even the restaurants were closed after 6p.m. Not a situation that exists today. I would like to thank Peter for sharing his memories with us and for the photographs.

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