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John and Jeanne Lemay

Hello Everybody,
Welcome to my September Newsletter.

Essential Elvis - ' A Rockin' Good Night' Concert.
I should like to pass on my personal and those of the other Artistes thanks to Andrew Hearn, his family and all the helpers at this recent concert, not forgetting Carter for supplying the photos. It was also a real pleasure to meet with Jeannie LeMay, pictured above with myself. Jeannie is a really pleasant lady who always speaks so very highly of Elvis as indeed most of us who had the pleasure to meet him do. Elvis was a really genuine and most generous person and the stories that Jeannie told us about him back this up. Judging by the response that we all received from the large audience, particularly my rendition of 'Treat Me Nice' it appears that all present enjoyed the event. We all enjoyed performing at Hove. John at Essential Elvis

The Great Escape.
News reached us during August that sadly another of the World War 2 Stalag Luft 111 heroes has passed away. Sqd Ldr Eric Dowling who was nicknamed 'Digger' died at the age of 92.
On the subject of The Great Escape I have recently been interviewed for a magazine article about the film that hopefully will be published at some future date. Continuing on the war theme I have just agreed to do the 'voice over' on a forthcoming documentary film and possible DVD release on the true and heroic story of the 'Football Battalions' who fought so heroically and yet so tragically in the trenches of France during World War 1.

Joe Meek updates.
Joe Meek Tape Archive. - 'The Tea Chest Tapes'
Joe MeekThe entire collection of Joe Meek master tape recordings, comprising of approximately 1850 tapes containing some 5000 recordings goes into auction in London on Thursday 4th September. The master tapes include many of my recordings, possibly some as yet unreleased, along with recordings by the many other Artistes who recorded at Holloway Road. It is expected that the collection will be sold for well over 100.000.

Telstar - The Movie.
The latest news that we have received concerning the screening of this film is that it is likely to be shown at the London Film Festival being held between 15th and 30th October. More news as we get it.

Another Meek connection.
John and Shayne Driscoll Performer Shayne Driscoll who was M/C and sang a tribute to Elvis at the Hove concert is the younger brother of the late Kevin Driscoll, guitarist/bassist/singer and co -founder of 'The Syndicats' (Pictured below left) who were a legendary 60's band that recorded for Joe Meek. Shayne's mother, Ellie, also managed the band. 'The Syndicats' recordings are much sought after by collectors of 60's music and thanks to Shayne we are able to feature a rare picture of the band.The Syndicats A CD containing 'The Syndicats' recordings was issued in 2001 by RPM titled ' Joe Meek's Groups'. Shayne is appearing along with myself, The Flames, Craig Douglas and The Tornados at the Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar on November 22nd in the Juke Box Legends concert.

Western Star Recording Sessions.
The Flames and I visited Western Star Studios in August and have recorded 21 tracks for a forthcoming CD. Currently the tracks are being mixed and if all goes to plan a NEW CD will be released later this year. More details in my October/November newsletter.

Redemption Video has recently released SCHIZO on DVD. Starring Lynne Frederick, Stephanie Beacham and myself the film being directed by noted director Pete Walker. (Quote) "Schizo is so frightening that it caused many innocent filmgoers to faint in the aisles!"

And finally...
September sees me in Concert with Mike Berry and The Outlaws at Dinton Hall on Saturday 13th and with The Flames at the Eddie Cochran weekender at the Sandbay Holiday Village Complex on Saturday 27th.

Always yours.

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