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John Leyton

Hello Everybody,
Welcome to my June/July newsletter. The above picture taken from POP Weekly magazine of 31st October 1964 was sent in by a dear fan of mine, Pamela van Rensburg.

Breaking News.
Rock Across The Channel’ 45th Anniversary Concert – The Minch ,Calais Harbour, France - Saturday 28th July. On Saturday 28th July The Rapiers and myself will be appearing in Calais at an Anniversary Concert to mark the 45th Anniversary of the ‘Rock Across The Channel’ concert held in Calais in June 1962. Twisting in Calais The original concert that featured The Shadows, The Outlaws, The Searchers and many other British and French groups was credited as the event that brought Rock ‘n’ Roll to the French. The English groups and their many fans travelled to France from Gravesend on the ship ‘The Royal Daffodil’ docking in Calais Harbour where the concert was to take place. Newspaper reports of the original event indicate that it was a bit of a ‘wild’ trip and the Shadowsconcert! Many of the English fans missed the return boat journey by reason of having had a few too many glasses of ‘liquid’ refreshment. A great review of the 1962 concert is available in the book, ‘The Story of the Shadows.’

Billy Fury ‘His Wondrous Story’ DVD Release.Billy Fury
Monday 25th June sees the official release of this long awaited DVD on the life of Billy Fury. The DVD will be available from your regular DVD stockists and can also be purchased direct from Odeon Entertainment, the producers of the DVD. It follows their very successful and extremely well produced DVDs on the lives of Matt Monro and Alma Cogan.
I was very pleased when asked by Odeon Entertainment to film a segment for the DVD and appear in the DVD along with other 60’s celebrities and Billy’s family.
After a long search I have managed to find a picture of Billy and myself and courtesy of Chris Eley, ‘The Sound of Fury’ magazine editor, we have put on the website a small Tribute to Billy.
You can view a trailer from the DVD at

Papworth Hospital Charity Concert.
I should like to thank Rick Winter and the organising committee for arranging this excellent concert. The Rapiers and myself had a great time but most importantly funds were raised for this worthy charity. What was most pleasing was the very large audience that attended. Should any of you wish to view or even purchase photos from the concert checkout I’m sure Steve Willis, whose website it is, can assist you with any requests that you may have.

John Cavanagh’s’ Soundwave’ John Leyton special.
I was very pleased to meet up again with John after some 10 years, when last we did an interview together, and I know from your comments that many of you who listened to the show really enjoyed it.
John is also involved with a monthly audio magazine that is circulated worldwide to the blind and partially sighted ( It is his intention to use part of our interview in the magazine.

Joe Meek websites.
We have added 2 new Joe Meek related website links to the list of our website links. One of the new websites concentrates on the late Geoff Goddard who played a great part in my chart successes and I believe still does not get the true recognition that his excellent compositions deserve. Geoff was also a really excellent pianist.

Memorabilia Request.
I should like to thank Mark Newson, John Allison (of The Allisons) and Pamela Rensburg Send in the Girls for sending me items for our ever growing collection of articles and pictures from my earlier singing career. Also a thank you to Mark for reminding me of a guest appearance I made in a TV programme called ‘Send in the Girls’ shown in 1976 by ITV. The actress that appears with me in the picture is Gwen Taylor. I am always very pleased to receive such items.

BBC TV – Pop Britannia Series.
I have also recently completed my interview for this BBC TV 3 part series that it is planned to transmit later this year.

Gig Guide.
We have updated the Gig guide to include 2 gigs, 29th September and 17th November when I’m backed by ‘The Flames’, another excellent Rock ‘n’ Roll band.
July sees me in concert with ‘The Rapiers’ on 28th July in Calais and on Friday 13th July in Chigwell, appearing with Craig Douglas and Jess Conrad.

And finally, this month we have added new numbers to the website Juke Box facility.

Always yours.

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