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April & May 2007 Newsletter.

Hello Everybody,
Welcome to my April/May newsletter. John, Clem & Matt Clem Cattini and myself recently met with USA DJ Matt Slys, Matt was visiting from the USA and both Clem and myself were pleased to take this opportunity to meet with him. Matt’s Sunday evening radio show regularly features British 60’s music including that recorded by Joe Meek. Matt is a member of the Joe Meek Appreciation Society and took great delight in hearing many of the stories that Clem and myself were able to recount on our days at 304 Holloway Road.

I have recently recorded an interview with John Cavanagh for his Radio Six International programme for future transmission and on Wednesday 21st March appeared on the Roy Waller show on BBC Radio Norfolk. I’m also shortly to film an interview for BBC Television for a programme that they are currently in the process of preparing. More details when we are able to give them.

I know that many of you listened to my recent Geoff Barker BBC Radio special and judging from the many messages we’ve received, enjoyed listening to it. Geoff, along with many other DJ’s, does a great job in assisting to keep the music of the 60’s alive.

April sees me in concert with The Rapiers on Friday 6th at Warners, Norton Grange on the Isle of Wight and on Saturday 21st at the Wood Green Arena, Godmanchester, Cambridge. This concert is a fund raising event for Papworth Heart Hospital and apart from myself and The Rapiers also appearing will be The Tornados, The Honeycombs, Billie Davis and Paul Neon and The Saints.
The SaintsThe concert is in aid of a very worthwhile cause and hopefully many of you will be able to attend. It really should be a great event. In part almost a Joe Meek Fest Part 2 as all the acts, well apart from The Rapiers recorded for Joe Meek at some stage of their careers. Rick Winter, who has assisted to organise this concert is a member of The Saints and was also a member of the original Saints that recorded at 304 Holloway Road, having had a chart hit in the 60’s on Pye Records with Joe’s version of ‘Wipeout’. The Saints also backed Heinz.
( picture of the Saints, courtesy of Mark Newson )

Due to changes within the management structure of Showtime Enterprizes the 1940’s Weekend (Radio Days) event planned for 22nd-25th June at The Sand Bay Holiday Village, Weston Super Mare has been cancelled.
However the new management team have added John Leyton backed by The Flames to the bill for the Eddie Cochran and the Kings of Rock ‘n’ Roll Tribute Show taking place at The Sand Bay Holiday Village during the weekend of September 28th – October 1st. Booking details

John’s recent interview with DJ John Cavanagh for his Radio Six International Soundwave programme will be transmitted on Sunday and Monday 13th and 14th May. John Cavanagh’s Soundwave is available via the internet, Sky Channel 0195 and can also be heard on radio in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and New Zealand.
Full transmission details are available at

Joe Meek Fest update.
I should like to thank Maria and Becky, Suzi Jari and Bobby Rio for kindly sending me these pictures of this event.
Joe Meek Fest
John and Bobby Rio
Joe Meek Fest
Bobby and Cliff Bennett
Joe Meek Fest
Bobby and Bruce Welch

Also thanks to Ralph Gowling for his great review of the concert that has recently been published in ‘The Beat’ magazine, Click Here to read the review. Apart from raising funds for The Joe Meek Appreciation Society the concert also resulted in many new members joining this very popular Society.

Had I known how popular the music that Joe Meek recorded would have been today I would have kept in my personal collection acetates of the many tracks that I recorded for Joe, that even to this day, are as yet ‘unreleased’. Fortunately some do surface from time to time and we are hoping to put together a compilation of them at some stage in the future. Should any of you have any items such as copies of recordings of my many appearances on BBC radio programmes in the 60’s, such as ‘Saturday Club’ and ‘Easy Beat’ when I sang songs that were only recorded for these programmes and copies of any acetates that have never seen a commercial release I would be delighted to hear from you.

Always yours.

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