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Hello Again.
Hi Ho Come On England My World Cup 3 track CD single ‘Hi Ho Come On England’ (Crash Records JL001S) is released on May 15th, hopefully you will purchase a copy. It can be ordered now from various websites including amazon , hmv and from your regular CD stockist. We have sent copies to all radio stations so we should be getting many radio plays and hopefully some of you will even request a play from your favourite radio DJ. We will shortly be able to let you have details of sites where you can download the tracks and obtain a ring tone.
I’ve enjoyed recording ‘Hi Ho Come on England’ and have had a really great time visiting the town of Dartmouth, Devon where we shot the promotional film. My thanks go to all the people we met during the shooting of the film for their enthusiasm and the friendliness they showed to not only myself but all the many others involved in this project. John & Roger Hall In many ways it really was a trip down memory lane and I was especially pleased to meet up by chance with two former Joe Meek recording artists, Roger Hall of The Blue Rondos and Bob Watkins of The Forresters. The Blue Rondos released a classic track called ‘Little Baby’ but The Forresters, although they recorded many tracks with Joe none were ever released. John and Bob Watkins The Blue Rondos' ‘Little Baby’ is available on the Limited Edition ‘Joe Meek presents’ vinyl EP that also contains ‘Johnny Remember Me’ and is available for purchase in the shop. Bob remembered meeting up with ‘The Tornados’ whilst recording at 304 Holloway Road. It really was a great pleasure meeting them both and having them assisting in the promotional film.

May also sees the official DVD release of my film ‘Guns at Batasi’, which includes as a bonus extra my audio commentary, the DVD is available as a Region 1 release. Those of you who have ordered a copy should be receiving it by the end of the month.

On the 13th and 28th May I am appearing in Concert with The Rapiers (see Gig guide) and will be appearing on Television and Radio to promote ‘Hi Ho Come on England’. Details of these appearances will shortly be posted on the ‘Hi Ho Come on England’ website page.

The annual Chelsea Flower Show takes place this month Chelsea flower show and I would like to take this opportunity to show you some pictures taken of myself, Adam Faith and Michael Aspel when we visited Chelsea for the show in May 2000. I have very fond memories of that event. In the 60’s I toured New Zealand with Adam and have always had a great deal of respect for him and saw him as a friend. It’s very sad that he is now longer with us. At some stage I intend to include my versions of some of Adams hits in my concert performances as a small tribute to him.John and Adam Faith

My new CD album is on track for release in September and contains my version of some really great 60’s songs that previously I had never sung or recorded before, these include my versions of ‘Country Boy’, ‘Can’t You Hear My Heart’, ‘Look For A Star’, ‘Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again’, ‘Kansas City’ and ‘Sea Cruise’. All songs that were recorded by Joe Meek for other artists.

Alan Wilson’s Tribute CD ‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth Volume 2’ is released this month and contains 3 ‘NEW’ tracks recorded by myself for this compilation. These are ‘Lone Rider’, ‘You took my love for granted’ and ‘Oh Lover’, tracks that were recorded recently at Alan’s Western Star studios. We are now taking pre-orders in the shop for delivery week commencing 15th May. In addition Peter Williams new guitar instrumental CD, ‘Especially For You – From The Vaults Volume1’ is now available from the shop. Peter has delved into his recording vaults for this new compilation. Peter’s CD contains some great new interpretations of some great songs. We have also added to the shop my ‘John Leyton is Back,’ CD. This was recorded in 1997 and was released for sale at my concerts. It was an experimental album and therefore never commercially released and some may therefore regard it as a collectors’ item.

I have just received from Paul Hooper of ‘The Fortunes’ some pictures taken during our Swedish tour, I intend that these will be featured on the website in June.

Always yours.

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