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15th May sees the first release on the Western Star label of some of the tracks that John has recorded during the last year. For many years John had been contemplating returning to the recording studios but for a variety of reasons nothing had materialised.
It was in December 2004 that I played John some tracks from a CD I had just acquired that acted as the catalyst for John to return to the recording studios. The CD in question was ‘Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’ a tribute CD that Alan Wilson had recorded. Alan hails from the West Country and has a very modern recording studio attached to his home. He has also during the last few years received much praise for not only his production techniques but also his prowess with the Guitar.
I had previously read about the work Alan was doing and about his CD in the Joe Meek Appreciation Society’s ‘Thunderbolt’ magazine. A great magazine that is full of all the latest news and articles on the artistes and recordings of Joe Meek. John had always taken a great interest in the Society and always read my copy of ‘Thunderbolt’ after I had finished reading it. Subsequently John has become a Vice President of the Society.
As a direct result of hearing Alan’s CD, meeting Alan and visiting his recording studio John has recorded 19 NEW tracks at Alan’s recording studio. In my and many others opinion these are ‘historic recordings’ as it had been many, many years since John had visited a recording studio to record anything similar. The few of us who have so far heard what John has recently recorded, not forgetting John himself are really very pleased with the results that have been achieved.
Having been fortunate to attend these sessions I can personally vouch for the vast amount of effort that has been put in by all those involved in producing recordings that are of the highest quality standard.
Three of John’s Western Star recordings make their debut on the ‘Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Volume 2’ CD. These are ‘Lone Rider’, You Took My Love For Granted’ and ‘Oh Lover’, familiar titles but not copies of John’s original Joe Meek recordings that are in tune with the theme of this new CD. A further 14 of John’s Western Star recordings will be issued on John’s new CD Album, ‘Look For A Star – The Western Star Sessions Volume 1’ that is released in September. This release will be on the Lone Rider Record Company label and features tracks such as ‘Look For A Star’, ‘Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again’, ‘Sea Cruise’, ‘Kansas City’ and ‘Forbidden Love’. If all goes to plan 2007 will also see the release of Volume 2 of the Western Star Sessions.
John Leyton is now firmly back into the recording studio which I’m sure will give us all much pleasure. We all hope you enjoy what has been and will be recorded in the future.

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