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A Christmas message from John

I should like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.’

John with AlanIn my November newsletter I mentioned that I was returning to Alan’s Western-Star Recording Studio to put down some more vocal tracks for my forthcoming NEW CD. The picture shows both Alan and myself at Alan’s studio. It was a great session and in January I will update you as to how the CD is progressing and the identity of some of the guest artistes appearing on it. A small clue is that we have a couple of great guitarist’s, a legendary drummer and some young ladies, with great voices, assisting on the backing tracks. We also have an expert writing the extensive liner notes. As I have already mentioned, more information, along with details of Peter Williams forthcoming Instrumental Tribute CD will be in my January newsletter.

Last month I was also able to comment on the news that my official management company JRM Partners LLP were now representing Peter Williams and Suzi Jari. This month I am very pleased to announce that those fantastic ‘hitmakers’ of the 60’s, The Tornados, with my dear old friend Clem Cattini, have now also linked-up with JRM Partners LLP. This is a really exciting development that I know we will be hearing more about in the months ahead.

Back to December.
On Tuesday the 6th at 1500hrs I will be doing a ‘live’ phone in on Dave Lodge’s BBC Three Counties radio show.
Dave’s show can be heard on the internet at
Hopefully many of you will be able to listen to the show.
Dave is a great character and is Tommy Bruce’s manager. The ticket sales for Tommy’s Gala evening on Sunday 15th January are selling extremely well and I look forward to seeing you there. It will be a superb evening and all being well Tommy may be fit enough to make an appearance.
December also sees my appearance at Concerts in Skegness, Leigh-on -Sea and Exeter.

I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you at this year’s Concerts and plans are in hand for many more Concert appearances during next year.

Listeners to Dell Richardson’s great radio Caroline broadcast need to be aware that Dell’s show moves to a new Tuesday evening slot on 3rd January.

Always yours.

p.s. Hopefully you will enjoy reading the article on my ‘lonely’ Christmas in 1963. As one of Joe Meek’s songs went…..’There’s lots more where this came from’. Originally sung by Wes Sands, yes, my good friend Eden Kane’s brother.

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