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'A Rarity or Not'

This month sees a number of additions to the Official John Leyton discography. Yes, even more UK LP and CD releases that contained 'Johnny Remember Me'.

Johnny Remember Me 78rpm. Side 1 Whilst carrying out some recent research, we came across news of an official release of 'Johnny Remember Me' on a 78 rpm single on the Top Rank International label. UK Record Companies phased out releases of 78 rpm singles during 1959 and 1960, in favour of the more popular 45 rpm single. However, 78 rpm singles continued to be released in some other markets.

Johnny Remember Me 78rpm. Side 2 With the assistance of our good friend Eric Gunn we can now confirm the release of 'Johnny Remember Me' b/w 'There Must Be' on a 78 rpm single. Eric has managed to obtain a copy of this 'rare' item and it now resides proudly in his collection of John Leyton records.

[ Pictured right ]
'Johnny Remember Me'
b/w 'There Must Be'
a 78rpm single released on Top Rank International in South Africa.
Catalogue No. JAR 191
'A rarity or not'
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