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A personal message from John Leyton.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with some of the activities that 'the Team' and I have embarked upon during the past few weeks.

Steve and I met with Peter Williams and his wife Sonja to discuss the 'John Leyton' Instrumental Tribute CD that Peter is currently recording. We listened to some of the tracks that Peter has already completed and are absolutely delighted with them, hopefully you will also be.
John and Peter Williams Peter's CD is not due for release until mid 2006 however we've already shot the CD cover photographs and work has started on the liner notes. Peter has created a very unique guitar sound and his latest release, an instrumental Tribute to Billy Fury Vol 2 is now available for purchase from the website shop, as is his Billy Fury Tribute Vol 1.
They are both priced at 10.00 inc. Postage & Packing.

I've also completed interviews for publication in the November editions of 'Elvis Monthly' and The 'Sound of Fury' magazines. Recalling many happy memories of my meetings with Elvis Presley in 1966 and my 1962 concert tour of the UK with Billy Fury. The latest edition of the Joe Meek Appreciation Society's magazine, 'Thunderbolt' also contains articles and photographs of myself, Steve, Alan Wilson and Peter Williams. The articles cover my recent recording activities and plans and the story behind the formation of my new Management Company, JRM Partners LLP. Should any of you be interested in obtaining copies of these magazines please contact us and we will investigate the possibility of obtaining some.

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Joe Meek shall inherit the earth In addition to Peter Williams' CD's we are also making available in the shop copies of Alan Wilson's Western-Star Tribute to the Sound of Joe Meek CD entitled "Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth" This was the CD that encouraged me to get back into the recording studio. Alan's versions of 'Johnny Remember Me' and 'Wild Wind' contained in this CD persuaded me that Alan was the person I wanted to produce my future recordings. Alan's CD is a great tribute to the quite unique sound that Joe Meek created.

The Volume 2 tribute that Alan is currently producing contains 2 tracks that I have specially recorded for inclusion. This CD will be available in 2006 and we will be selling copies in the shop.

A number of photographs, some 'new', are also now available from the shop. If you wish them signed personally by myself, full details are available on the shop page.
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I was very pleased to see so many of you at my concert at Fareham on 17th September and hopefully will see you again at Cheltenham on 31st October. Other concerts are in the process of being finalised and details will shortly be published on the website. I can also confirm that I will be touring Sweden in March 2006 and again full details, when available, will be published on the website.

Always Yours,
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