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A personal message from John.

John and Dominic
John with his son Dominic aged two

Thank you to those of you who have commented on my new website I’m very glad you like it. As I mentioned last month the site is still in the process of being completed and some new features are still being built into it. I’ve received some excellent suggestions for items that you would like to see on the site and ‘The Team’ is now working on some of them.

An apology to those of you who attempted to register for newsletters using the domain name, a small technical problem had developed which resulted in you being unable to register. This has now been corrected, thank you to those of you who made me aware of this problem.

This month sees the first Fan’s page item, many unique and colourful items from the collection of Eric Gunn.
Thank you Eric, for sending them to me and allowing me to share them with other fans. If any of you wish to submit any items from your personal collections I will ensure that we feature as many as we can.

The Sanctuary Records Group is in the process of releasing 3 CD compilations that contain ‘Johnny Remember Me’.
These are the TV advertised ‘Shake Rattle and Roll’, ‘The Legendary Joe Meek’ which also contains ‘Wild Wind’ and ‘Son this is She’ and the very impressive 4CD Box-Set ‘Joe Meek- Portrait of a Genius’ that also contains my previously unreleased versions of ‘Who Wants Johnny’ and ‘Son This Is She’, this later track being a ‘foreign language’ version in true stereo.
Shake, Rattle & Roll
The legendary Joe Meek
Joe Meek

Next month I will give you a progress report on some of the other exciting projects I am currently working on.
Always Yours.

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