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Peter is a fantastic guitarist and has recently produced his own Instrumental Tribute CD’s to Elvis Presley and Billy Fury, both endorsed by the official fan clubs. He has built up a great following and is now completing a second CD Tribute to Billy for October release.
Some of you may have heard Peter and his music on a recent Dell Richardson Good Rocking Tonight programme on Radio Caroline.
We at were so taken with Peter’s unique sound that we have asked him to produce a Tribute to John. He has agreed to do this. John has endorsed this project 100% and is delighted that Peter is paying him this tribute.
The downside is that the finished product cannot be completed until mid 2006, but believe me it will be worth the wait.

You can order Peter’s current CD’s from his website

A sound clip of Peter’s version of the Young Ones can be heard by clicking Here. [ 200Kb ]
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